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This year, the Hubster and I will host a holiday open house, a new tradition inspired by Christmas memories from my childhood, when my Uncle Bob opened the door of our tidy workaday home to family, … more
This past July, as many Pennsylvania families embarked on their annual summer vacations at crowded beaches up and down the coast, I found myself willingly delegated to serving cake at a deployment … more
Life can sometimes be difficult - especiallyaround the holidays. For most of us, many life lessons are learned through pain, bizarre adventures and … more
What do people always say in times of dire circumstances?  “Have faith.”  I believe in the wisdom of that. It takes the sting out of the sucker punch from a cancer … more
“Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick,” Susan Sontag wrote in … more
I’m not the same person I was before cancer.  Not even close.  Even my hairstyle has changed.  These days I wear my hair short, a style I refused to try until chemo made my hair … more
T eaching has renewed my sense of purpose.  Although I am enjoying some leisure summer time off—catching up on reading, domestic chores, carrying the team by cooking week night … more
By Louise Sukle My everyday life changed abruptly in April. I was humming along, having a perfectly fine day, when – bam– something happened … more
By Louise Sukle Many of the women I admire are independent women. Independence doesn’t mean women don’t need the love and support of others. It does mean … more
On Super Bowl Sunday, the Hubster and I boarded a flight for Milan.  By the grace of the United Airlines Fairy, we both got upgraded to “pinkies out” for the long flight on a nicely … more
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