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When receiving treatment for breast cancer, women will learn about cancer staging. Determining the stage of the cancer helps patients and their doctors figure out the prognosis, develop a treatment … more
The removal of one or both breasts as a treatment for breast cancer, or for those who are genetically predisposed to cancer, may involve removing just the breast tissue or, in some cases, the lymph … more
Age is a risk factor for breast cancer, as the organization Susan G. Komen notes that the older a woman is, the more likely she is to get breast cancer. However, data from the National Cancer … more
While menopause itself is not a risk for breast or other cancers, it’s important to know that some symptom treatments and other factors can increase the risk for cancer among menopausal … more
It was a cold December morning in Chicago when the call came. Elizabeth “Betty” Triano, her husband, Gene, and their daughter, Joan, were waiting for their breakfast. When Betty … more
I’m not the same person I was before cancer.  Not even close.  Even my hairstyle has changed.  These days I wear my hair short, a style I refused to try until chemo made my hair … more
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