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Becoming a Power of Attorney (“POA”) agent can be a very daunting job. Many questions come to mind when taking on such an important role. What are the first steps? How do you sign as an … more
For most women, the news of learning that she is pregnant is a wonderful thing.  But for some, this news can be overwhelming. These mothers-to-be could be facing a variety of issues … more
When you ask someone when they would like to retire, one common response is “I’m never going to retire!”  They go on to explain that this is because they love their job and … more
If you are under 30, you have likely heard that now is the ideal time to save and invest. You know that the power of compound interest is on your side; you recognize the potential advantages of an … more
When working to get into shape for warmer weather,  many women fail to protect themselves from a common injury —muscle strains. Spring is a popular time to get serious about increasing … more
Let me start by saying that I am not a financial planner.  That is simply not my area of expertise and, in fact, when it comes to my own financial affairs, I rely on my financial planner to … more
It’s a typical evening. You are at the kitchen table, balancing the family checkbook. Everything will get paid eventually.  Some will even get paid on time. It seems to be a constant … more
Looking forward to spring can be really uplifting: Time to get motivated and peel off winter layers of clothes and trade them in for short sleeves and flip flops! One great thing about spring is … more
Falls are one of the greatest risk factors for injury among the aging population. When falls are attributed to fainting spells, people may be very eager to get to the source of the fall. Elderly are … more
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