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Massage can improve and promote sleep. Much can be said about how lack of sleep negatively affects the body. Considering that the average sleep duration for adults has gone down 1.5-2 hours in the … more
2018 is in full swing. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to get healthier. Maybe the thought of a New Year’s Resolution makes you want to run and hide. It’s no surprise that many folks abandon … more
Today it’s all about health and fitness. What clothing line doesn’t carry great looking designer wear for the gym, track, or health club? There are special aisles in the grocery store dedicated … more
As women we always juggle many roles--breadwinners, mother, daughter, wife, etc. and the grades we get vary depending on which role requires most of our attention at the time. The areas that women … more
Caregivers are unpaid individuals, typically a spouse, child, neighbor, or friend, who assist with activities of daily living and medical tasks. These informal caregivers often fill in gaps between … more
When a married couple needs to be separated, as one spouse moves into a personal care facility while the other spouse continues to live at home, it can be very challenging to maintain a normal … more
Caring for a person with dementia often takes it’s toll on the caregiver’s health. The stress of the situation often causes medical and/or psychological issues for the person. Although stress … more
“How often should I advertise?” is a common question posed by retailers. In today’s complicated and fragmented media environment, advertisers want to be certain that they are effectively and … more
The thought of separation or divorce can be both difficult and frightening. What will happen to the house? Who will be responsible for paying the bills? How will I pay my credit card bills and other … more
While it’s difficult to gauge just how many people make New Year’s resolutions each year, various factors suggest millions of people resolve to improve their lives each January. Television … more
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