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People often gain a greater sense of purpose and happiness after giving to charity, and seniors are no exception. Today’s retirees are more likely to define success in terms of generosity rather … more
If the readers of this article are anything like me, you’ve been making your holiday to-do lists for months: the gifts, the baking, the decorating – the list is endless! I’m not knocking it, … more
Hi, my name is Lakeisha. I am a mother of three residing in Dauphin County. After making it out of a domestic violence situation I found myself unemployed, with very few options as far as getting … more
Jackson Browne’s popular oldie, but goodie, hit single, Running on Empty, sums up how many of us feel going into the holiday season. Often, the time of year that requires the most energy and … more
Tai Chi provides real and substantial benefits for all who practice this Chinese martial art. It only takes a commitment of about 20 minutes per day and can be done throughout your entire … more
Emotions run deep come the holiday season. Holiday planning can be hectic, especially for blended families. Today’s families are increasingly blended, meaning they’re a combination of … more
Smoking has been linked to a number of negative side effects, including raising smokers’ risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Quitting smoking can greatly reduce the likelihood of both of … more
When I was a shy, insecure teenager with horrible acne, I never thought that anything positive could come from my experience. But sometimes we find our passion in the most peculiar ways. My … more
As I have the opportunity to speak to women’s organizations, talk with women executives and others, I have come across an interesting, if only anecdotal, trend. That is that women, once they have … more
Stress gets a bad rap, but in some cases, stress serves as motivation to get things done. It can help us when we are in dangerous situations, as our bodies kick in our fight-or-flight … more
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