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Smoking has been linked to a number of negative side effects, including raising smokers’ risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Quitting smoking can greatly reduce the likelihood of both of … more
When I was a shy, insecure teenager with horrible acne, I never thought that anything positive could come from my experience. But sometimes we find our passion in the most peculiar ways. My … more
As I have the opportunity to speak to women’s organizations, talk with women executives and others, I have come across an interesting, if only anecdotal, trend. That is that women, once they have … more
Stress gets a bad rap, but in some cases, stress serves as motivation to get things done. It can help us when we are in dangerous situations, as our bodies kick in our fight-or-flight … more
This time of the year is known as the season of giving for good reason. During this time, friends and families, co-workers and bosses, doctors and patients deliver tokens of appreciation with minimal … more
One of my favorite TV personalities is Suze Orman. She is a financial advisor and has a show where she answers callers’ questions on how to deal with their financial issues and problems. She … more
We are all familiar with the need to pay close attention to keeping our bodies healthy. We exercise, try to eat healthy and visit our doctors for checkups. It is also important to do financial … more
Upcycling is the term given to the practice of reusing old items for new purposes. While the majority of us take pride in the fact that we recycle our papers and plastics, or dispose of our … more
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a condition that is characterized by excess fat storage in the liver not caused by excess alcohol consumption. NAFLD is a leading cause of chronic … more
Your physical therapist says you’re ready for discharge, now what? Sure, they probably gave you instructions to continue exercise or maybe even a sheet of exercises. But...we all know what happens … more
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