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Here's why a night out helps you


Caring for children requires dedication and patience. Even though infants and toddlers may exact the most attention, each stage of childhood presents new challenges. Motherhood is a task that demands much from women, and those demands can certainly pack on the pressure.

Couple the pressure of raising children with the growing trend of women serving as primary caregivers to aging parents, and it’s no surprise many women feel as though they need a respite. That’s what makes nights out with friends so essential. Here are just some of the many reasons why caregivers need to make time for socialization.

  1. Caregiving can be alienating. No matter how well-meaning moms and caregivers may be, they may grow to resent the work involved because the only interactions they may have on a daily basis are care-related. Women should get out regularly so they can focus on themselves and enjoy their relationships with friends.
  2. Have a reason to get dolled up. When other responsibilities take priority, putting on makeup or wearing nice clothing can take a back seat. Girls’ night out provides a reason to wear fancy clothes, do your hair and don a little mascara. Girlfriends tend to notice these beautifying changes and offer compliments — which can be a nice ego boost.
  3. Girls’ night out is a free therapy session. It won’t take the place of counseling provided by a licensed therapist, but a girls’ night out offers a chance to get things off your chest and seek advice from friends who may be in similar situations.
  4. You can indulge a little and laugh along the way. Loosening up with a glass of wine can help the conversation flow. Nights out with friends also will probably lead to a few laughs, which can certainly be helpful when life seems a tad overwhelming.

Regular nights out with friends can make it a bit easier for moms to juggle the responsibilities of being a mom, a caregiver or both.