My success story

Determined to succeed


I would like to enlighten you on why the services from Dress for Success are so important to our community and me most importantly.

Let’s rewind back to 2015. At this point in my life I was homeless with my two children. I was unemployed with no source of income and I didn’t have much of a support system.

Everyone has their trials and tribulations, but when children are involved it becomes overwhelming - thinking, how am I going to buy diapers and put food on the table? I was applying for any job I felt that I met the qualifications for, however I wasn’t receiving any calls for interviews.

The shelter only allowed us to stay there for 30 days, with a possible extension if you followed the rules and guidelines. One of the guidelines was to apply for benefits and join a program called EDSI, also known as Educational Data Systems, Inc. Once I became a part of this program, my case worker referred me to Dress for Success.

I was nervous, but my personal shopper, Denise guided me on what to wear according to the job I was interviewing for. Denise told me how great I looked, but she also asked me questions about my interview and gave me a lot of tips so that I can ace the interview. When I looked in the mirror I saw myself in a beautiful, professional suit and for the first time, I saw my potential.

I didn’t just see a woman in a suit, for the first time in a long time, I saw myself determined for success. I saw the woman I knew I could be; with the support of the staff at Dress for Success it gave me so much hope!

When I walked out of the door after my appointment, I didn’t leave with just interview attire; I left with a new state of mind. Walking into that interview with my head held high, I was at the beginning of a new chapter for my life.

I’m proud to say that a year later, I’m one of the lead tellers at M&T Bank, I have a home for my family and most importantly, I am no longer a statistic. I’m a single mother breaking all the barriers society has built. If you would’ve told me a few years ago I would be where I am today, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I have two children, Kayliana who is six and Kion who is two. These beautiful children are my life, my joy, and my motivation. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can now provide for them; they are the real recipients of Dress for Success