Here are fantastic ways to recycle yours

Don't throw away your newspaper


When you’ve finished reading the newspaper, don’t throw it away. From paper recycling to arts and crafts, there are loads of uses for your old paper. It’s time to get creative.  

• Cleaning windows. Using an old newspaper to clean windows works better than a cloth for preventing streaks. For even better results, use a vinegar-and-water solution instead of a chemical cleaner.

• Grill cleaner. Turn off the grill and allow it to cool a little. Soak newspaper in water, lay the sheets over the warm barbecue grill, close the lid and leave for approximately an hour. Then simply remove the paper and wipe the grill clean.

• Packing material. If you have a lot of old paper, use a paper shredder to make piles of packaging material. Whoever receives your gift can avoid adding to the landfills and put the packaging straight in the recycling bin.

• Weed killer. Cover flower beds with newspaper and soak them with water. Cover the wet paper with compost or mulch. The paper will smother the weeds and eventually degrade and the organic matter will help your garden flourish. 7. Papier mache Keep your kids entertained with this fun craft activity. With just newspaper and glue you can make whatever you can think of.

• Ripen tomatoes/store fruit. Wrap green tomatoes in sheets of newsprint, layer them in a box and put a lid on top to ripen. Wrap apples in old newspaper and store somewhere dry to keep them from rotting.

• Shoe and boot mat. Place a folded-up newspaper beside the door and keep wet and muddy footwear on it to prevent staining the carpet.

• Shoe deodorizer. Crumple up balls of newspaper and stuff them into smelly or damp shoes. Leave overnight and discard – and any odors will have disappeared.

• Gift wrapping. Wrap gifts with old newspaper. If you have time, you can even cut thin strips to make a decorative bow to top it all off.

• Cheap rags. Replace rags with old newspaper when cleaning paint brushes, removing oil stains and mopping up spills.

• Protect outdoor plants. If a cold snap is coming, cover outdoor plants with sheets of newspaper, and secure them to plant stems with clothespins. (This only works if the weather is dry.)

• Seedling pot. Layer several sheets of paper on top of each other and shape them into a makeshift container for germinating seedlings.

• Compost material. Add moderate amounts of wet, shredded newspaper to your compost heap and give earthworms a tasty treat.

• Car wheel traction. Keep a stack of newspapers in the trunk of your car during the winter months to prevent getting stuck on a patch of ice or snow.

Placing a wad under each rear wheel will help get your car back on the road. .... and don’t forget, if you don’t want to reuse your old paper you can recycle old newspapers at home by putting them in your recycling bin.