Fairs and festivals welcome return of fall


 Fall is a beautiful time of year when days become cooler and fairs and festivals fill our calendars with fun times.

 Fairs are a great time to enjoy some shopping in nature’s outdoor venues. Looking for a unique or unusual gift for a special person? You are certain to find many handcrafted items which are not available at stores or online.

 Shopping at fairs is truly a delightful experience while browsing rows and rows of crafters who proudly display and sell their wares.

 Some fairs have onsite crafters sharing their expertise at a potters wheel, broom making, woodcarving, and painting to name just a few. It is also interesting to chat with the crafters to learn more about their craft.

 Craft fairs sometimes begin with a  breakfast prepared by local non-profit groups as a fundraiser. Throughout the day a large variety of foods are available to enjoy at the event or to take along home. Foods vary from the usual fair food to various ethnic foods. As the tempting food aromas waft through the air you may ask, “Which food do I want to try first?”

 Shopping at a craft fair proves to be a thrilling experience for various reasons. It’s a day to enjoy with family and friends while shopping for unique gift items and enjoying the large variety of tempting foods.

 Attending a craft fair on a lovely brisk fall day in natures outdoor beauty is a welcome relief from the hot days of summer prior to the coming snows of a frigid winter.