Five ways to slow down your summer


As summer approaches, we entertain visions of lazy days spent reading and relaxing. Before we know it, summer passed in a flurry of activities and engagements. Why not slow down this summer?

Here are the top 5 ways you can slow down your summer.

Change your routine. Summer days seemed to last forever when you were a kid. Everything was new, and your brain was turning those experiences into new memories. So, lunch at a new restaurant, followed by a hike on a new trail. Your day will seem longer than the same old routine.

Unplug, be present. One way to lose time is to lounge around with your phone or tablet, engaged online. Instead, dedicate some afternoons or evenings each week to being screen-free. Play a board game. Go on a walk. Make a new dish from scratch.

Practice self-care. If you’re tense, anxious, or fatigued, that will become your theme for the summer, causing your days to blur together in a flurry of stress. Approach your summer from a place of relaxation and contentment, then your days will follow. Regular massage appointments will help maintain quality sleep patterns, lower perceived stress, and loosened muscles that are ready for fun.

Focus on quiet. This summer, why not spend an hour simply listening to the outdoor sounds of nature? Bonus points if you catch a sunrise or sunset. Time will creep by slowly, and for once you’ll be so glad it does.

Try a DIY. Have you always wanted to build a birdhouse or make a few stepping stones for your garden? Trying your hand at creating something for your home is not only fun, but the craft can set apart this summer from the rest.