Get documents in order during a disorderly time


During this time where so many things have been out of our control, there is one thing that can be done, and it is completely up to you. Preparing your Last Will and Testament (“Will”), Durable Financial Power of Attorney (“POA”), Health Care Power of Attorney (“HCPOA”) and Living Will is certainly within your control and necessary in such uncertain times. Even if you have these documents, it is time to revisit them to ensure that they are current, not only with the law, but with your wishes. The Will is your opportunity to make your wishes known after dying. This document enables you to name the person in charge of your wishes, also known as the Executor/Executrix or Personal Representative. In addition, you can name the people who will inherit your assets, also known as the beneficiaries. If you have a beneficiary who is underage, is facing bankruptcy, has dependency issues or a disability, specific provisions can be added to your Will to accommodate these beneficiaries. The POA, HCPOA, and Living Will all work during your life. If you become unable to manage your financial and legal decisions, your POA Agent can manage those decisions. If you are unable to make a medical decision, the HCPOA Agent will make that decision. If you do not have these documents in place when you lose the ability to make these decisions, then a Court will name someone to make the decisions for you through a guardianship process. Take control and name someone you choose now, rather than having a Court decide for you. During these challenging times of unknown, make your wishes known. You can now have estate planning documents prepared and executed from the comfort of your own home. Please call our office for more information at (717) 697-4700. By Jessica F. Greene, CELA,* LL.M. Elder Law *Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.