PUBLISHER'S NOTE - May/June 2019

Grab your hammer and get inspired


By Louise Sukle

Many of the women I admire are independent women. Independence doesn’t mean women don’t need the love and support of others. It does mean having the courage to get by on our own steam. My independence came straight from my mom.

Today, more women are making more money and staying single longer than ever. As women become more economically independent and become sole homeowners, they are also starting to unclog that toilet or mount that ceiling fan on their own.

I’ve always wanted to know how to use a power tools. I wanted to make stuff. With trial and error and the encouragement and guidance from the handy males in my family, I’ve muddled through some pretty fun projects. I’ve also learned drywallers earn every penny they charge.

It's easy to kick back and rely on the nearest guy to help you out when things go wrong around the house. But there’s freedom that comes with rolling up your sleeves, painting walls, drilling holes and swinging a hammer with the best of ‘em.

Whether you want to tile a backsplash, replace a faucet, create jewelry, sew your own  clothing, or anything in between, there’s something uniquely gratifying that comes with enjoying something you’ve done yourself.

Despite good intentions, sometimes we just don’t have enough time to work on DIY projects, or we need help and are not sure who to call. It’s OK. You can ask for help andstill be an independent woman. Check out this issue for a whole houseful of support and inspiration.

Independence isn’t defined by how much we accomplish in a day. It’s the confidence to try new things with the courage to know when to let go.