Great food, crafters, vendors and fun


Looking for a new item for your home or a unique gift for someone? You will surely find it at one of Pennsylvania’s many arts and crafts shows, street fairs, festivals, holiday gift shows, state and county fairs and more.

Attending a fall arts and crafts fair is a great way to enjoy a day with family and friends. The venue could be a tree-lined park or an open field filled with a sea of crafts and vendor’s booths. What a great way to enjoy autumn at its finest while shopping for that one-of-a-kind Christmas or birthday gift!

While you are browsing and shopping, the delightful aromas of a huge variety of foods will often waft through the air to turn on your “hunger button.” Your day at some fairs could even begin with breakfast prepared and served by a local church or community group.

Look for fun food offerings such as waffles, crepes, kabobs, gumbo, or Central Pennsylvania favorites such as pretzels, birch beer and apple dumplings as well as popular fare like burgers, and French fries.

Another special highlight at some fairs will often includes a raffle. Vendors donate items to baskets and trays assembled by volunteers which are chanced off during the day.

How do arts and craft fairs continue to grow ? It is due to the devotion, diligence and dedication of the committee members and volunteers, the continued support of the community and definitely the thousands of shoppers and diners who attend the fairs.