We can make a difference in 2018


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. If you’re like me, I’m sure you spent some time with family, ate way too much food, and maybe enjoyed a couple days off from work. Perhaps you even took a moment to look ahead to the New Year and think about how you might want to change things.

I do that every year. I think everyone does. While I was thinking about 2018, the usual thoughts were in my head. Be a better spouse and father. Do a better job at work. Exercise more. Eat better. You know the ones.

Another recurring thought I have with resolutions is to make a difference. That sounds great, but it’s not always easy. I try to do my part, but often it doesn’t seem like much.

But recently I had the pleasure of seeing someone make a difference first hand, and I realized that we all can do something. I was participating in a 5K fundraiser for a non-profit organization. At this event, I noticed a grade school student selling cookies. And as much as I love cookies, I initially thought this was odd to see at a 5K run. However, I soon learned that this young lady was going to donate the proceeds from her cookie sale to the non-profit that was hosting the event. I also learned that she had made the cookies herself and this was something she had decided to do on her own.

I was so impressed with this young person. There she was on a Saturday morning selling cookies that she had made herself and then donating the money to a worthy cause. This girl was doing her part to make a difference. I made it a point to thank her for her efforts (and to buy some cookies of course). I also told her parents that they had a wonderful daughter.

So when I was thinking about 2018 and asking what I can do to make a difference this year, I remembered that we all can do something. We all can make a donation, regardless of the amount. We all can volunteer in some way. We all can spread the word.

In other words, we all can make cookies.

Best wishes for 2018!

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