Candlelight vigil Oct. 19

Honoring victims of domestic violence


In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry counties (DVSCP) is hosting a Candlelight Vigil Thursday, October 19 to honor and remember victims of domestic violence.

The event will be held at the Camp Hill Borough Building, 2145 Walnut St., Camp Hill. It will include a survivor speaker, candle lighting ceremony, and will be followed by a reception with light refreshments. The Silent Witness Project representing women who have died in domestic violence incidents will also be on display.

“The Candlelight Vigil honors those who have lost their lives to domestic violence – there were 102 deaths last year in Pennsylvania – and reminds family and friends that there are those who will not cease working on behalf of victims and survivors until we live in a community where everyone is free from abuse,” said DVSCP Executive Director, Barbara Kohutiak.

"Today, one in three women will experience physical violence, sexual assault or stalking from an intimate partner in her lifetime. Domestic violence invades every community regardless of age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality," Kohutiak added. "There are many different types of abuse that could be considered domestic violence, including physical, emotional, sexual, economic, or digital abuse, as well as isolation, intimidation, and stalking. Please join us and help raise awareness to rid our community of this all too common issue."