How to reach affluent shoppers


Affluent consumers, with over $100,000 in household income, are a natural target audience for advertisers due to their higher buying power and disposable income.

Most luxury brands consider their core audience to be females, age 45+, with a high household income, with a secondary target audience of females, age 35+. Recent findings reveal potential untapped markets among aspirational shoppers with a household income under $75K.

Understanding the habits and preferences of affluent consumers can help advertisers attract this high-value audience by focusing on the following marketing strategies:

  • Provide an outstanding customer experience
  • Ensure that you are delivering an excellent customer experience.
  • Make it as simple as possible for new and loyal customers alike to browse and purchase from you.
  • Reassure your customer that your brand is truly special with a thank you email after a purchase or a hand-written note in their shipped package. Create unique events like “girl’s night out” or “friends and family”.

Make affluent consumers feel special

  • Initiate a loyalty program to reward customers for their allegiance to your brand – 81% of affluent shoppers belong to some type of customer loyalty program.

Evaluate your marketing message

  • Focus on the advantages luxury items have over commodity goods. The quality, craftsmanship, emotional connection and history are what distinguish your brand from others.

Implement a media mix

  • Affluent customers value print newspaper advertising, so continue advertising in that manner.

To complement your print newspaper campaign, consider adding digital advertising to the mix to reach those luxury shoppers who are reading the newspaper on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Marketers of luxury items will benefit from not only the quality of the audience newspapers provide, but from the quality of the environment in which their advertising will appear. Aligning advertising messaging with trusted newspaper content can increase reader engagement and lend credibility to a marketer’s campaign.