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PUBLISHER'S NOTE - July/August 2019

Keep on keeping on


By Louise Sukle

My everyday life changed abruptly in April. I was humming along, having a perfectly fine day, when – bam– something happened that seriously messed me up.

I’m not talking a devastating, life-threatening event. I fell off a ladder. But as I was writhing on the floor in pain, just trying to catch my breath, it was hard to imagine the end result would not be as bad as I feared.

Sooner or later, life will throw you a curveball. Unless by some miracle you’ve managed to get through life unscathed, you know the key word is not if, it's when.

Whether it’s an accident, a breakup, a job loss or something else – at some point, life will interfere with the best-laid plans and will demand that you stop and make changes.

I like to think I’m in more control than I really am. A split-second misstep from a nine-foot ladder rocked that assumption. A fractured vertebrae was something I couldn’t fix quickly. I couldn’t even get out of bed without help. It left me feeling disoriented and vulnerable.

My mind was screaming, "What were you thinking?! I have too many things to do!" but my body was demanding, “Stop. Let's just lay here and see what happens." It was inconceivable to think I would just relax and let things happen as they happen. Are you crazy?

Letting nature take it's course is just what I'm doing. Little by little, my mind and body are responding positively and every task I'm able to resume feels like I've won the lottery. Who would have thought bending over to pull a weed could be so rewarding.

Be safe and enjoy the summer!