Keep those resolutions


As 2018 winds down, soon we will be celebrating, gift giving and celebrating again.  And we will be welcoming the new year with the tradition of the New Year’s resolution. 

Unfortunately, for most of us, our resolutions won’t outlast the winter snow.  The reason most of us fail with our New Year’s resolutions is that the challenge(s) that face us require a great deal of sheer willpower....often more than we have. So, if sheer force of will won’t work, what will?  Hypnosis! Of course!

As I write this article, I can only imagine your dismay.  Your only reference to hypnosis is a recent Geico commercial in which a person uses hypnosis to get his friends to make him a sandwich and clean his gutters.  If you are an old movie aficionado, maybe you remember Bela Lugosi playing Dracula and literally entrancing the woman he is attracted to.  But that is not hypnosis, that’s Hollywood.

Real hypnosis is not magic, nor is it mind control. It is simply a method that a hypnotherapist uses to help you become deeply relaxed and at ease.  Once relaxed, the hypnotherapist will be able to speak to your subconscious; the part of you where your thoughts, feelings, imagination and dreams live. It is here that your real power resides. It is here that Edison dreamed of the light bulb, and where Walt Disney dreamed up his movies and theme parks.  It is here that you will become thinner, healthier, a non-smoker, a great speaker, or achieve any goal that may be important to you.

In order to create the change you would like to see in your life make sure to find a hypnotherapist you feel comfortable with and one with whom you can be honest.  The length of your association with him/her will likely be determined by what you want to accomplish. If the change you wish to make is a small one, a single session may be all that is needed.  However, the desire to stop smoking or lose weight may take multiple appointments before all the undesirable thinking and behavior completely disappears. 

Changing may not always be easy but getting the right help and using the right tools will certainly make it easier. 

Good luck and God bless you in the coming year and remember your imagination is a great deal stronger than your willpower because, unlike willpower, imagination is without limits.