More than skin deep


While nearly everyone is familiar with the ancient art of tattooing, many aren't aware of a more recent procedure called paramedical tattooing. It is a specialized type of tattooing that matches the body's natural skin tone pigments. It is designed to restore confidence and provide relief from the embarrassment of scarring, natural skin imperfections and other disfigurements. 

This is a non-surgical procedure involving the implantation of pigment within the skin in a safe and sterile environment and is suitable for all skin types, nationalities and ages.

These procedures should be performed by a professional who understands the science of pigments and has experience in this type of tattooing. These services have been successfully performed by some physicians, however, in order to provide the most pleasing result it is best to have a technician with an artistic eye and experience with this kind of specialized tattooing. In most cases a professional can provide a realistic and long lasting result, leaving clients happier over time.

Who can it help?

  • Paramedical tattooing treats a broad range of scars from accidents, self-harming or burns, as well as medical conditions such as vitilago, alopecia, port wine stain birthmarks or cleft palate.
  • Paramedical tattooing can also act as a finishing touch to camouflage scars resulting from cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, tummy tucks and many more.
  • There is life-changing procedure for breast cancer survivors that can create a realistic three-dimensional areola and nipple following a mastectomy. This service is also helpful following breast reductions, breast implants or transgender top surgeries.
  • Hair simulation can restore confidence to both men and women dealing with natural hair thinning or hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia. This service works for hair on the scalp as well as eyebrows and facial hair.
  • Stretch mark camouflage is another confidence-booster for clients who have stretch marks due to weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy.

Paramedical tattooing has benefits on many levels for many people. It is not just cosmetic; it’s about boosting self esteem and helping people feel whole again.

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