Area artists at Art Assoc of Harrisburg

Plein air paintings exhibit


An exhibition of plein air paintings by eight area artists premiered at The Art Association of Harrisburg.

A reception marked the opening of the exhibition at association's headquarters at 21 N. Front St. Tobin Rote served as host and Jonathan Frazier provided musical entertainment. 

The exhibition is sponsored by Jan and Joe Bahret.

Artists in the exhibition include Brian Eppley, Jonathan Frazier, Paul Flury, Paul Gallo, David Henry, Robert Hughes, John McNulty and Steve Wetzel. All are inspired by natural light and the practice of painting outdoors, just as the Impressionists were in the 19th century. Attendees at the reception are welcome to converse with the artists about their work and their experiences in capturing the landscape plein air style.

"Plein air” is not a style unto itself, and plein air paintings can differ greatly stylistically.  Eppley applies his oil pigments with both brushes and palette knife, creating a textured surface. Frazier begins most of his work out in the field, but experiments with form and color back in his studio to create his personal style with vibrant color and expression.

All of the eight artists have widely diverse styles, although all are intrigued by the natural landscape and ever-changing light of the outdoors. All exhibit their work widely throughout the region and beyond, and most of them paint together on location in Maine once each year.

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