Preparation isn't the end but the beginning


Last summer I was an exhibitor at a women’s conference. Many visitors stopped by my table - I'm not sure if it was because of the informational materials on display or the mints I was giving away!

Of course, most had questions about the cost of in-home care for themselves or their loved ones. Some mentioned that they were not yet at the point of needing home care services but were seeking more information.

Truthfully, no one wants to look into such services if there isn’t an immediate need, especially because it can be a delicate subject. The need for in-home care stems most often from physical or mental changes in a person. Sometimes these changes are hard to accept for both the person and their caregivers.

However, we are all on life’s journey. Just as we know the weather changes with the seasons, the seasons of our lives change as well. Hence, the need to be prepared not just for the good times, but for life's challenges as well.

When checking out the various options, organizing that information so it will be ready when it's needed is a great start.

Many places offer information sessions on long-term care options, most of which are free: elder law firms, healthcare agencies, etc. These are good investments of time.

Think of it like this: None of us drives a car with the intention of getting into an accident but we still carry auto insurance. The same thought process should apply to long-term care options. Most of us probably do not go about our daily activities thinking of the future need of home care services, but we can still gather the information for those “just in case” life changes.

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