Protect your hair color - save time, money AND look great


If you color your hair regularly or are interested in a new look, you may wonder how you can prolong your hair care investment. To keep hair color looking shiny, vibrant and the right hue for as long as possible, here’s some simple strategies.

Cover up

According to the experts at Clairol, the sun can break down the color in hair and also bleach away melanin, which gives hair its natural pigment. When stepping outside, wear a hat whenever possible, especially when your hair will be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Employ UV protection

A number of hair products feature built-in UV protection. Much like sunscreen for the skin, these sprays and lotions can shield one’s hair and scalp from damaging UV rays.

YUP - shampoo less

Getting in the shower and wetting your hair daily can cause color pigments to leach out prematurely, resulting in fading color. There is no need to shampoo every day or get your hair wet every time you shower. Use a shower cap to cover up or pull long hair back. When you shower with a full shampoo, select products that are formulated for color-treated hair. Products that are sulfate-free may not be sufficient, according to the product-testing experts at Good Housekeeping.

Swim smarter

Pool water chemicals and salt water from the ocean may wreak havoc on hair color and texture. If a swimming cap is not your thing, try coating your hair with a protective gloss or even a layer of conditioner prior to swimming. This will help hair retain its moisture and keep the water from robbing hair of its color.

Give highlights a try

Hand-painted highlights can grow in more naturally, helping you go a few extra weeks between appointments. This will help color to look like it is growing out more seamlessly until professional touch-ups are necessary. You also can schedule a glossing treatment at the salon, which acts as a top coat for color to seal the hair’s cuticle and prolong color even further