Make a difference, it’s not that hard



By Louise Sukle

Living green is much more than just disposing of our trash responsibly. Monitoring what comes into our homes and businesses and how it arrives is just as important as how it leaves.

 Where we shop and what we buy also sends a message. It’s about following through and “voting with our dollars” to help sustainable businesses stay afloat.

As a paper-based communications business, Press &  Journal Publications (the parent company of Woman) is acutely aware of our environmental footprint and we’re making a conscience effort to counter that impact by keeping a close eye on reducing waste, recycling and reusing:

• When our local delivery people deliver bundles of newspapers to area businesses they closely monitor the quantities and adjust up or down accordingly. Our long distance deliveries for our commercial print customers are piggy-backed so we are able to make multiple deliveries within a single trip. 

• We’ve eliminated plastic strapping for bundling newspapers and now use only biodegradable cotton string.

• We strive for minimal paper waste and all waste is either recycled or reused as animal bedding by local farmers. Very little of our total waste ends up in a landfill.

• We buy our manufacturing products in the largest quantities our storage areas will allow in order to minimize the number of truck deliveries and product packaging waste.

• Our office reuses nearly 100% of our printer paper before it’s relegated to the recycling bin. Simply turning over the printed piece and using the blank side significantly cut down on the amount of new copier paper we need to buy.

Responsible consumption and disposal can make a difference and set an example for others to follow. In the spirit of reuse and recycle we’ve included some great ideas for reusing newspapers on page 6. Also in this issue are loads of articles on how to live “greener.”

Imagine if every person in your community started to effectively use their energy and started to limit their consumption, then what could happen? I’d like to believe the planet could slowly start to heal itself.