Putting a dollar value on your good health


It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (Courtesy of ushistory.org) The quote was in reference to fire prevention, but let’s reframe that for a moment and use it to ignite a fire - the fire that burns within us to experience better health. That said, let’s consider for a moment what your health is worth to you by highlighting some ways you may spend your precious cash around your health.

First, let’s talk about rising health care costs. US health care reached $3.35 trillion and accounted for an average of $10,345 spent per person, with 10% of that being spent on prescriptions at pharmacies (Journal Health Affairs, 2016) nearly half of the $3.35 trillion was spent by the most ill individuals. Whittle those numbers down to the micro level of your wallet and ask yourself, is that how I want to spend my money?

What if you could spend $10,000 per year on prevention? I understand. You would have a difficult time allocating that. Let’s break it down a little more. What if you could spend $200 per month? We’re getting closer, right? With an average gym membership costing around $40 per month, add in some gym shoes, maybe a personal trainer 4 times per month, changes to your grocery shopping, meal planning and eating habits and it begins to put things in perspective. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Even better, consider a Health Coach as a way to help you spend money on prevention. At $50-$100 per visit, 2 times per month, you could realize a huge savings. A Health Coach will help you dissect your routines and habits, knock down barriers and define strategies to get you to your goals. Regular visits to monitor your progress, provide accountability and a fresh pair of eyes to uncover new paths to wellness can put happiness in your heart and dollars in your pocket.

If you are ready to embark on a health change to prevent chronic conditions, manage your conditions, get your numbers within range, lose weight and begin an exercise program, reach out to Tammy Messner at 717-215-7859 to get started today.