Qualities of a caregiver


When you have a professional caregiver taking care of an aging loved one, it can be difficult to find someone you fully trust. After all, the care of someone you deeply love is in their hands.

There are a few clear signs that indicate you have found a good caregiver. Though this is by no means an all-inclusive list, here are five signs that indicate you are working with a highly skilled and compassionate caregiver.

Positive attitude - When caring for a senior adult, there can be many frustrating moments that arise on a daily basis. You want a caregiver that can see through these challenges and find the bright side of the situation. You want someone to lift your spirits as well as your loved one’s by remaining positive and proactively seeking solutions to problems. A positive attitude is an essential quality of a good caregiver!

Desire to create deep relationships - Though the core responsibilities of a caregiver may be to attend to the physical needs of your loved one, an exceptional caregiver will also see to the mental and emotional needs as well. This comes by forging a deep relationship with their client, really getting to know them and listening to their stories or answering their questions. How wonderful would it be for your loved one to not only have someone to keep them healthy and safe, but to keep them mentally stimulated and emotionally fulfilled?

Takes initiative - Thirdly, a good caregiver is your eyes and ears when you cannot be with your loved one every day. You want to be able to rely upon them to speak up and alert you of anything they see that may be concerning. A good caregiver is a leader and self-starter who is proactive about the care your loved one receives.

Patience, patience, patience! - We can’t overemphasis the importance of a caregiver having ample patience. When caring for a senior adult, it requires near endless patience to continue to show love and compassion through stressful and challenging moments. A good caregiver pours out patience over and over again to make your loved one feel appreciated, secure and loved.

Ability to see what someone CAN do - Finally, a good caregiver is someone who focuses on what their patient CAN do, not what they cannot. You want a caregiver who looks for ways to overcome your aging loved one’s limitations so that they can maintain as much independence as possible and experience a greater quality of life.