Shoppers' paradise; foodies' delight


Attending a local craft fair is a great opportunity to speak with crafters, observe them making their crafts, and purchasing unique gift items for family and friends. You may also find an unusual gift to treat yourself!

 Unlike mall shopping or online purchasing, a day at a craft fair can offer so much more. Whether it is a festival, street fair, state or county fair or arts and crafts fair, so much is available for the fairgoer.

What a wonderful way to enjoy the elements of nature at the various fair venues during the cool clear days of autumn. It’s a great fun day with family, friends, food and crafts.

 Walking among the awesome array of colorful tents and canopies, the delightful aroma of a large variety of foods will tempt your tastebuds. Ask yourself, “Which unusual food will I try first?” “What food item can I purchase to take home to enjoy?” Many fairs even have a breakfast available to begin the day.

 Some craft fairs conduct a gift basket raffle. The baskets are comprised of unique items donated by the crafters. The baskets are beautifully assembled by committee members and raffled off  periodically throughout the day.

 The continued success of many craft fairs involve many monthly meetings, much planning and organizing, and working together as a committee.

 Community support by the many shoppers and diners are definite attributes making it a successful event. It is sad to see many major stores closing, but it is heartwarming and hopeful to see craft fairs continue to grow and thrive.

 Make plans now to come to the country and enjoy a “faire” fall day of shopping and dining in the beauty and bounty of nature’s paradise.