The sacred space we call home


If you or a loved one is currently dealing with breast cancer, or any type of cancer, I am sending my love out to you. I lost my father to cancer this year, so I can empathize with your struggles, joys and sorrows. When I think about the year leading up to his passing, I am mostly aware of the amount of mindfulness needed during this time.

My parents were hoping to have their kitchen remodeled and hardwood flooring installed but we quickly realized that that would be a safety issue while my dad was going through chemotherapy, not to mention the amount of dust it brings.

During these times it is important to focus on only what is necessary and to keep your living space peaceful and relaxing. Keep projects to a minimum and only take care of items that might lead to bigger, more costly issues down the road. If anything, consider painting a bedroom or living room to brighten your or your loved ones spirits. Look for low VOC paints to minimize fumes. Have some inspirational artwork or new curtains hung.

If you find that modifications are needed, such as grab bars or ramps, those projects can be completed pretty quickly.

If financing projects is difficult, a quick search on the internet will identify some coalitions that can help.

It is important to take some time and assess what is a ‘must do’ and what can go in the ‘do it later’ column. The highest priority is your own health and keeping your space safe and sacred during this time. Healing wishes to all.

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