get in touch with the 'market mavens'

Tips to successfully reach decision makers


Research has found that women ages 25-54 are an important audience for advertisers to reach. Also known as “Market Mavens”, this demographic group makes the majority of the purchasing decisions for her household related to groceries and home items, healthcare, insurance, finance and home buying. They are also early adopters who try new products before their friends, and tell everyone about them.

Market Mavens have children, own a home in the suburbs, have household income over $150,000, and are environmentally-conscious. She is tech-savvy, addicted to digital devices, active on social media, is a fashion leader, and a writer of positive product reviews.

These decision makers buy locally-grown food, prefer shopping at local retailers over national chains, and contribute to political candidate campaigns. They are also confident and capable money managers who like to spend money. Sixty-four percent of women have made a local purchase in the past month as the result of seeing a newspaper ad, and 70 percent use coupons regularly.

Savvy retailers can attract Market Mavens to their location by offering unique services and experiences.

Plan a special event around an upcoming holiday – Mother’s Day, start of summer, July 4th, etc. Host an Open House to showcase seasonal merchandise, or schedule a special shopping night, in-store promotion, or VIP event at a time when the store is normally closed. Offer a glass of punch (or champagne!), and provide comfortable seating. Include a special offer or coupon in your ad that can be redeemed at the event.

Form partnerships with other small businesses in the area and hold a weekend “sidewalk sale” that is promoted in your local newspaper. More than 80 percent of Pennsylvania women age 25-54, read a newspaper each week, making it the right fit to reach this audience. Run a full-page or double-truck ad that contains a map of the participating retailers’ locations, surrounded by smaller ads from each participating business. Cross-promote your business by displaying cards and brochures at complementary business locations, and include discounts or coupons for other strategic partners’ products or services in your customers’ shopping bags – and have them do the same for you.

Prep your employees to provide outstanding customer service with little touches, such as free gift wrap and personal shopper assistance. Make your business child-friendly by providing a kids’ space with toys or books to keep them busy while mom shops.

Offer a prize giveaway so consumer information can be collected on the entry form (name, address, email, etc.), and use this information for future marketing efforts including notices of upcoming sales and specials, and to send a thank you note for visiting your location.