Coaching you

Toward a healthy lifestyle


2018 is in full swing. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to get healthier. Maybe the thought of a New Year’s Resolution makes you want to run and hide. It’s no surprise that many folks abandon their resolutions by the time the heart shaped boxes of chocolate come out. They quit the gym they joined. The diet they started has lost its oomph. Does this sound like you? What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Enter the Health Coach. A professional, certified in behavior change intervention strategies and many times, with background in fitness and nutrition. A Certified Health Coach’s role is to help you clearly define your goals, identify barriers to your progress and implement strategies to hack your habits and routines in small increments so that you achieve success within your defined timeframe.

Whether your physician has given you a nudge based on lab reports or other biometric measures or you have a life event happening in 2018 or you’re simply tired of starting and stopping programs every few months, a Health Coach can help you find the focus to implement incremental steps to realize better health.

There is a cost for one-on-one coaching. Frequency and duration of visits are typically 30-60 minutes 1-2 times per month. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost. Consider the cost of a diagnosis, treatment, medications vs. the cost of prevention, adding years to your life and quality to your lifestyle.

Let’s take one small change such as eating breakfast consistently: If you already do that, great. If you don’t, think about why not. Is time the barrier? One great strategy to overcome a time barrier is to prep your breakfast ahead. You could wake 15 minutes earlier to allow for heating it up or cooking it in the morning. You could research healthier options to go on your travel route.

For each client, the successes, barriers, strategies for success and interventions are unique. By systematically disassembling and reassembling your lifestyle, you’ll build new healthy habits you can feel good about. Together, we can make 2018 the year you start and keep improving!

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