Vineyards, vinters & vino


Once there was a place full of towns, mountains and lakes.  Over 300 years ago, a man named William Penn planted a vineyard. From this humble beginning, PA can now boast over 175 vineyards and counting, creating a “Wine Land. “

The wines produced are as diverse as the people and regions where vineyards are located. The unique experiences in PA’s Wine Land are: The vastness of the region, the welcoming vintners, the trails and tours, the tastings, the food, the landscape, the activities, and the socializing of family and friends.

Some winery venues often began as large farms with many small outbuildings. A walking or riding tour of the property is offered with a guide to share the history of the area and answer questions.

Some wineries are even operating bed and breakfast venues which adds a special touch.

Wine tours, trails and festivals provide a pleasant day of relaxing, tasting and enjoying the beauty of the seasonal changes of the year.

Many wine festivals also include a wide variety of foods tastefully paired with various wines. Gourmet cupcakes, kabobs, soups, sandwiches, jams & jellies,  and cheeseballs are certain to please all palates.

Wine-related crafts are also very popular. Wine-themed table-decorating contests provide a creative challenge for participants.

Musical groups and dancing create a festive atmosphere enjoyed by the young and young-at- heart.

Don’t ‘whine’ and say, “I have nothing to do.” Enjoy a ‘wine’ day in Wine Land and say, “I had a great day of fun, food, and fellowship just brimming with adventure and excitement.”

The only way to experience it all is to keep on tasting!

 For more information visit our website. Limo and van services are available to provide worry-free transportation to and from winery events.