What happens after physical therapy?


Your physical therapist says you’re ready for discharge, now what? Sure, they probably gave you instructions to continue exercise or maybe even a sheet of exercises. But...we all know what happens next. You have every intention to continue but left to yourself, you know it is only a matter of time until you slack off and then stop altogether.

You want to make sure this time you keep on track so you do not return. So, what is the next step to keep you moving forward? Time to find a qualified exercise professional with a client-focused solution who will work with your physical therapist to develop a program to meet your needs.

You want a few basic things from this person even before you start:

• Have they completed a 4 year, exercise-based degree or comprehensive training program? (A weekend in hotel ballroom will not be sufficient for your needs.)

• Do they want to know what you did physical therapy for?

• Do they want to know if you have restrictions from your physical therapist or doctor?

• Do they want to meet with you to talk about your goals?

Once you find your person remember why this is important. By actively participating in a consistent post-physical therapy exercise program, you will derive several key benefits:

1) It is a bridge to reaching your goals set at the beginning of rehab that may not have been met yet.

2) Allows for excellent carryover and follow-through of results gained in rehab.

3) It is a way to prevent the return of chronic conditions and alleviate the anxiety of re-injury.