When the scale refuses to move


Many women feel that even though they are trying to eat right, exercise and even manage their stress in order to lose weight, they aren’t getting results. When they explain this to their doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, often the response is, “Just keep on trying, you’ll get there.” This can be discouraging if the scale is not moving.

If lowering calorie intake while expending more calories (calories-in/calories-out philosophy) really worked and these health professionals really believed you were following them strictly, they would be more concerned. But many women feel that these professionals don’t really believe they are trying their best.

So, what weight-loss factor is often overlooked? Hormonal imbalance due to ongoing stress has been ignored for years. Much of the fitness and medical communities have failed to see the link between loosing weight and balancing hormones, even after menopause.

Hormones are chemical messengers that tell our cells what to do; therefore, they control our mood, weight and health. Let’s face it, if we are moody, anxious or depressed we want to grab some chocolate and sit on the couch – not go to the gym or eat a salad! This is not in your head; this is a normal response to the stress.

By learning how to naturally affect key hormones you could not only lose weight (15 – 20 lbs in the first month), but your mood, energy and sleep could improve. Boosting your progesterone, decreasing cortisol (a major stress hormone) through relaxation techniques, evaluating your gut health combined with a whole foods diet that identifies food sensitivities can be creating weight gain and other digestive issues that will alleviate your estrogen dominant symptoms.

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